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What to do next?

What does it take to complete the task I have set for myself?

The longest distance I’ve run so far is about 25 km so I’m quite lost as to what a 150 km+ and many k’s of descend demands of me. I will use the next couple of days/weeks/months trying to get more information on som key points.


  • What criterias are there for entering?
  • What gear do I need during the competition?

Training / trainer

  • How much and how does an ultra runner train?
  • Would it be wise to contact a trainer?
  • Do I have the spare time to do what it takes?
  • What races should I participate in before entering the UTMB?


  • What is needed during a race?
  • What is best the days before a race?


  • What gear is essential during a ultra race?
  • What is a sensible distribution over the refreshment posts?
  • Hva trenger jeg for å få maksimalt ut av treningen?

Am I Crazy?

A couple off days ago I ran into some pages while surfing around. I don’t know how but suddenly my mind was set on participating in The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. Call it crazy (like I do) but the more I think about it, the more it feels right.

I decided that I would document and collect my progress from sitting in the couch to reaching my goal (hopefully) by creating this blog.

Hope you will join me.

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